We promote the equal treatment of each other and mutual respect.

Inclusion lies at the heart of Green Lane Primary School. We value each and every child and believe that with the right support and encouragement we can nurture the potential in everyone. We believe that everyone at Green Lane Primary has the right to participate fully in every aspect of school life and to achieve to the best of their ability.

It is important to us all at Green Lane Primary that our children:

  • feel safe and secure and know their contributions are considered and valued
  • appreciate and value the differences they see in others and respect diversity
  • feel a valued member of the community and make positive contributions to it
  • are tolerant and understanding of others
  • take responsibility for their own actions
  • participate safely in attire that is appropriate to their religious background
  • are taught in ways that allow them to all experience success
  • use materials that reflect a range of social and cultural backgrounds, without stereotyping
  • have a common curriculum experience that allows for a range of different learning styles
  • have challenging targets that enable them to succeed
  • are encouraged to participate fully, regardless of disabilities or medical needs

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