What is Forest School?

Forest school is an exciting opportunity for your child to experience nature and learn outdoors. During Forest School sessions the children learn from first hand experience and develop important skills such as perseverance, independence, resilience and responsibility.  These are all skills which when transferred back into the classroom help them to achieve more. Please read the attached Parent Information Booklet for more information. 

How do we keep the children safe?

The forest school leader is fully qualified and at least one member of staff is qualified in first aid .   The sites being used will have been carefully assessed and the children will be  given detailed training for all of the activities.  There are also  a higher number of adults to children than in a classroom (1:6).

Part of forest school is teaching children about risks and how to evaluate them.  The children will be taught about how to add fuel to a fire, cook and make drinks using a fire, climb trees and use tools.  These activities will be introduced as the children in the group are ready for them and will be carefully supervised by an adult.  By allowing children to take these measured risks, we help to prepare them for making choices when they are older and teach them to be actively responsible for themselves, their choices and actions.

Please be aware of the signs and symptoms of ticks (Lyme Disease) and Weils Disease – a leaflet about both is attached below.  Whilst we take measures to reduce the risks by ensuring that they are wearing long sleeves and trousers and by washing hands, we hope that neither will be an issue, but we must bring this to your attention.  Please help us by ensuring that any skin breaks are covered with a waterproof plaster prior to the session.