Art at Green Lane is celebrated. It allows pupils to look closely at the work of historical and contemporary artists. To experiment with different techniques and explore the natural forms of: line, colour, tone, texture, shape, form and space. In addition to this, it allows our students to reflect on their work and creates a co-operative classroom ethos where they can discuss and share ideas.

At Green Lane, we feel it is important to explore Art in many different ways so ICT is not only used to research a particular artist or art movement but also to create final pieces of work, such as in Year 2; pupils explore colour and line through the computer. In addition to this, our curriculum is enriched with many opportunities for students to visit Art Galleries and experience real-life art practice: Year 6 have an exciting trip Kingston University to visit Fine Art Students.

The Curriculum covers many areas and links closely with the topics studied in each year group. Children are taught skills used by practising arts and crafts practitioners, it enables all pupils to take part, share ideas and reflect on their own. We celebrate not just the final outcome made by our students but the journey they took to get there.