At Green Lane our Governors work closely with the school’s leadership in mapping out the direction that we believe Green Lane should take.

The Governing Body is accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the school and for raising its standards.

Governors therefore need to be aware of how well the children are being educated and to satisfy themselves that the school are following policies and procedures accordingly. Another key responsibility of the Governing Body is to decide how the money we receive should best be spent to achieve the school’s goals.

Whilst governors certainly try to make it easier for the school’s leadership team to run Green Lane effectively, the on-going management of the school is very clearly the job of the school’s professional employees. In practice, a lot of the Governing Body’s work is exercised through its committees, and in Green Lane we have three of these:

The Finance and Premises committee helps to prepare the school budget (which must then be approved by the full Governing Body); monitors how the money is being spent during the year and works to ensure that the school uses its financial resources wisely. The committee also works to make sure that our premises continue to offer a safe, welcoming and well-adapted environment for everyone at Green Lane and monitors Health and Safety matters.

The Curriculum committee concerns itself with academic standards and with the quality of teaching in the classroom. It keeps a close eye on pupil progress during the year, compared with the school’s targets; reviews curriculum-related policies to make sure they are still appropriate and works to satisfy the Governing Body that the curriculum is being delivered as planned.

The Personnel and Welfare committee holds the responsibility for staffing and pupil-related matters, including maintaining an overview of Special Education Needs (SEN) in the school. The SEN Governor is Tim Segasby.  It also plays an important role in maintaining the school’s policies, typically covering matters that are not taught in the classroom. These might apply to the children (the school’s Behaviour policy, for example) or to the staff employed by the school, as in the Performance Management policy.

The Chair of Governors is Mrs Jane Pritchard. Should you need to contact her, please do so on  The acting Vice Charir is Chris Carter and can be contacted on 

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