Coombe Girls’ School Consultation

What’s being proposed?

Our proposal is to introduce a specialist resource provision (SRP) at Coombe Girls’ School for girls with an EHCP for severe to profound hearing loss or moderate bilateral hearing loss with significant language delay/disorder of 2 or more years.  The proposed provision would provide 6 places per year group from September 2019 to a maximum of 30 once each year group, Year 7-11, is full. 

The objective of the specialist resource provision is to enable pupils to be included in the mainstream school and make progress in their learning. All pupils placed by Achieving for Children at the SRP will be on the roll of the school but will be supernumerary to the normal Published Admission Number (PAN).

The funding needed over time to pay for the accommodation and adaptations would, subject to the formal decision-making process, be provided by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (Kingston Council).

As the school is an academy, the expansion proposals would need to be approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and we are therefore seeking the views of parents and other interested parties through this consultation in order to inform the ESFA’s decision-making process.

We would therefore be very grateful for your response to this proposal by clicking the link below

Why is it being proposed?

This provision would give us the opportunity to offer specialist secondary places to girls with profound or moderate hearing loss using the expertise and knowledge of the teachers of the deaf and speech & language therapists employed by the Trust at Knollmead Primary School ensuring an effective and appropriate transition pathway for eligible girls to their secondary education.

Pupils will benefit from high quality teaching in the environment of a mainstream school and receive access to specialist intervention and therapy from trained professionals. The school will benefit from the inclusion opportunities which the specialist resource provision will afford, and from the flexibility to deploy the specialist resource provision’s resources as it sees fit beyond its primary purpose.  Additionally, the specialist staff will provide outreach support to a wider group of students and Richmond/Kingston schools.

Achieving for Children (AfC), the community interest company that provides Children’s Services for Kingston Council, has identified a need for secondary school places for girls with profound or moderate hearing loss as there is no current specialist secondary provision in Kingston or Richmond.  AfC and Kingston Council work very closely with us to ensure that our offer meets the local requirements and complements other local provision. These proposals would enable us to continue to have the best possible local offer within the funding constraints that currently exist enabling more children to be educated within their home communities and therefore to have shorter home-to-school journey times. 

A specialist resource provision has been trialled at Coombe Girls’ since September 2018 at the request of the Local Authority and the transition, curriculum, assessment procedures, training for staff and most immediate refurbishments have been successfully put in place.

As a Trust, we are very excited by this proposal not least because of the career development opportunities which it would provide for all staff but also the enhancement of the learning environment for all students at the school.

Please click on the link to respond to this consultation by 16.00 on Friday 7th December 2018.

Deborah Walls, Executive Headteacher & Andrew Platt, Headteacher