The purpose of Ofsted is to ‘inspect and regulate’ services that care for children and young people. As a school, we have chosen to use our inspection to drive the continued improvement of the education and experience we provide to our pupils. It is encouraging to hear positive feedback on where we are succeeding and helpful to consider areas where we may wish to focus our energies more. Whilst we recognise that inspections are conducted in a short space of time, where a school in its entirety won’t be fully reflected, we acknowledge the findings of the team and have considered very seriously the steps we need to take next.

Our children are always at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on modelling the skills we seek to instil in them; to be reflective, resilient and to challenge ourselves to achieve more.

Mrs Sally Berlemont, Headteacher

Click here to read Mrs Berlemont's full letter and the Ofsted Inspection Report

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